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Play Literacy Bingo from Aug. 28th until Sept. 7th and win prizes! 

How To Play

1. Download the Literacy Bingo card using the link below.
2. Enjoy Literacy activities listed on the card between Aug. 28th - Sept. 7th
3. Take a photo on your phone (or ask someone else to!) of you completing each of the activities on the card that you choose to do.
4. Complete 6 in row of the activities listed on the card, and win a $5 giftcard to one of Attleboro's great cafes (Burgundian, Kimochi, or others!)
5. Complete ALL the activities listed on the card (36!) and win a GRAND PRIZE of $50 to one of Attleboro's local businesses. 

Email your name, contact information, and a list of the activities you completed, along with your photo documentation of the activities, to:  OR bring your card & photos to our Literacy Love! Open House on September 7th from 10am-12pm to pick up your prizes.  If you can't attend the Open House, your gift card will be mailed to the address you provide.

Thank you for playing and enjoy your Literacy adventures!


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