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Career Resources

Whether you are looking for your first job, thinking about your next career move, or just want to improve your job-related skills, the resources on this page can help.

If you are a TLC student and need help with any part of the job-search process or would like to discuss your career, educational or certification goals, our

Career Counselors can help.

Call or text (508) 455-5382 to make an appointment.

Please note that these resources are not owned or managed by The Literacy Center, and we are not responsible for the content.

Write Your Resume

The first step toward finding a job is making sure your resume is up to date. Here are some tips for starting to write your resume.


It is a good idea to ask a Career Counselor to look over your resume and help you to make it the best it can be, before you apply for a job.

Call or text (508) 455-5382 to make an appointment (on Zoom).

What to include

Before you sit down to write your resume or fill out a job application, make sure you have the following information ready:

  • First Name and Last Name

  • Your Address, Phone Number and Email Address

  • Job you have now (or the last job you had) 

    • Company name

    • Dates employed

    • Short description of what you do (or did)

  • Jobs you have had in the past​

    • Company name​

    • Your job title or role

    • Dates employed

    • Short description of what you did

  • Education​

    • School name

    • School location​

    • Dates you attended

    • If your education includes college or university, include your degree title and major/subject

  • Skills​

    • Computer skills​

    • Languages spoken

    • People skills

    • Any other skills that would be important for the job you want


You can search for a basic resume template on the internet. There are many templates and resources to help you on the websites listed below. 


You can also click here for a basic example. 

Build New Skills

Educational resources to help you improve your skills or gain new skills, to make you a more competitive job applicant or help you to advance in your current job.

GCF Global: a collection of free tutorials and videos covering all kinds of topics from basic math skills to Microsoft Office to business communication and vocabulary. Also hosts a large collection of tutorials and videos related to job-searching.

Learn To Earn Toolkit: a free online course that covers ten skill areas most commonly requested by employers. Specifically for intermediate and advanced English language learners, with two levels of vocabulary and language. Register for a free account to track your progress.

Skillbase: a collection of free resources, courses, videos and articles from all over the internet. Resources are organized into categories to make it easier to find the right content for you. Also includes resources specifically for English language learners.

Brainfuse JobNow (Attleboro Public Library): a collection of free articles, games, templates and resources about job-searching. Also includes free access to live online coaching from resume and interview experts. You will need an Attleboro library card to access the site - if you don't have one, click here or call the Attleboro Public Library at (508) 222-0157.

Find A Job

Job-searching resources to help you find, apply for, and interview for jobs.

GCF Global (Work): a collection of free tutorials and videos on topics related to job-searching and career success. Career Guide: a collection of free videos and advice on how to best use to find a job. a popular and free job-listing site where you can find and apply for jobs. It is helpful to look at the Career Guide first, to learn how to use the website and avoid falling for scams.

MassHire Career Center Resources: job-listing site that also includes many additional resources and links to help you search for the right job. This site is managed by the MassHire Career Center, which has an office in Attleboro, so most of the opportunities listed are in and around Attleboro and Fall River.


College and Training

If your goal is to continue your education and pursue a college degree or certificate program, our Educational Counselors can help you to consider your options.

Credential Evaluation: do you already have a high school diploma, college degree or technical certification from another country? Ask our Educational Counselors about credential evaluation, a formal process that can help you to translate and use your foreign qualifications in the USA.

MassEdCo: a nonprofit providing college admissions and financial aid application assistance to adult students in Massachusetts. Their Ultimate College Checklist for Adult Learners contains many helpful resources to help you research your options.

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