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Immigration & Legal Information

Below is a list of free and reduced fee legal services as well as other resources that might be helpful to you for legal and immigrantion purposes. 

What is "Public Charge"?

MOIA Public Charge Flyer 2021 English102

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Free and Reduced Fee Legal Services

Massachusetts Residents:

South Coastal Counties Legal Services, Inc

South Coastal Counties Legal Services provide free legal services to low-income residents and seniors to keep governmental assistance like SNAP benefits or medical benefits, help if you are a victim of domestic violence, housing rights, rights for senior citizens, and more. 

Catholic Social Services of Fall River

Catholic Social Services of Fall River provide advocacy and resources for immigrant refugees in the region. Contact their Legal Director, Schuyler Pisha, ESQ. (508) 674-4681 or

Massachusetts Refugee and Immigrant Advocacy Coalition

Immigration Resources List

General Information for immigrants and refugees in Massachusetts

Rhode Island Residents:

Rhode Island Legal Services, Inc.

Rhode Island Legal Services provides high quality legal assistance and representation to low-income individuals and eligible client groups in Rhode Island for the purpose of improving their economic condition and overall wellbeing by protecting and enforcing legal rights, stabilizing the family unit and communities where clients live, promoting self reliance, ending domestic violence, preventing homelessness, affording dignity to all people, and reaching out to groups with added burdens on their ability to access the civil justice system.

Please note: if you have a court date within the next two weeks or have been served court papers about any case, please do not use the online form. If this is your situation, you should call Rhode Island Legal Services at 401-274-2652 or 1-800 -662-5034 to see if they can assist you.

Contact your local government representatives

Need help communicating with a federal agency like USCIS? Your local government representatives might be able to help.

Jake Auchincloss represents the Fourth Congressional District of Massachusetts in Washington, DC and he also has an office in Attleboro.

Click here to contact Rep Auchincloss' office or call (508) 431-1110.

Jim Hawkins represents the Attleboro area in the State of Massachusetts House of Representatives.


Adam Scanlon represents the North Attleboro area in the State of Massachusetts House of Representatives.


Phone: (508) 838-3928

What to do if ICE comes to your door


ICE cannot come in without a signed warrant by a criminal court judge. They can only come in if you let them in.


ICE can use anything you say against you in your immigration case so claim your right to remain silent. You can say, "I plead the fifth amendment and choose to remain silent."


Do not sign anything ICE gives you without talking to an attorney.


Report the interaction immediately: UWD hotline 1-844-363-1423

Take pictures and video unless you're on federal government property. Take notes of details like badge numbers, number of agents, type of car, and exactly what happened.


Get a trustworthy attorney and explore all options to fight your case. If detained, you may be able to get bail - don't give up hope!

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