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My American Journey

An Evening of Community Storytelling Presented By
The Literacy Center

October 28, 2021      6:30pm-7:30pm   via Zoom
Watch the event recording below.
Below is a video from the 2020 event:


Attleboro's Big Read book selection this year, An American Sunrise, is a collection of poetry by poet laureate Joy Harjo that explores the concept of homelands, ancestors, justice, and journeys from both an emotional and geographic lens. Whether you have read the book yet or not, we encourage you to join us for an evening to celebrate storytelling in all its forms!

To honor and share the many journeys that make up our lives, The Literacy Center invites you to attend a community storytelling event where TLC students, volunteers, and members of our community will be invited to share presentations about journeys taken to, from or within America – whether it be a physical migration or emotional transition – and how they have shaped and defined their lives.


Participants will present oral stories, songs, poems, or other presentations under 5 minutes and perform them via Zoom. The audience will be allowed to ask questions of the performers after each performance.

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