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The Stories That Changed My Life

An Evening of Community Storytelling Presented By
The Literacy Center
Tuesday, September 5th
This is a virtual event. RSVP required below.
The link to join via Zoom will be sent to those who have
RSVP'd 24 hours before the event.

This is an all-ages, community storytelling event. We are excited to welcome you to share how stories - whether that is a book or poem, or a story that was told to you by family members or friends, or even a story you heard on the news or elsewhere - transformed your life. Have fun with the theme! Did you overhear someone telling a story that you believed to be true when it wasn't? Did someone tell you a funny story that has stuck with you your whole life? Were you told a cautionary tale as a child that you've passed on to your children? Whatever it may be, we invite you to tell us about that experience and/or share some of the story itself!


Please note, that in order for the event to be enjoyable for our whole community, we ask that all performances adhere to the below restrictions:

  • Content and vocabulary must be appropriate for all ages.

  • Pieces must be performed in under 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, the host will have to move on to the next performer, even if the story is not completed.

  • No profanity will be accepted.

  • Depictions of violence must be avoided, or shared using descriptions and language that are appropriate for children to hear.

  • Pieces must be original to the performer. All copyright laws apply.

  • Performer must agree to have their presentation recorded for use by The Literacy Center in promotional and marketing materials.

To join us as a storyteller, please email your name, phone number, and a copy of the piece that you intend to read/perform to Evan Dardano, Director of Student Services at The Literacy Center, at

All submissions must be received by August 29th .

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